Practice common sense conservation

After church one Sunday, a friend told me he enjoyed reading about conservation issues, but doesn’t farm or own a large tract of land, and he wanted to know what he could do to be more of a conservationist. While not humorous like Dave Letterman’s top 10 lists, I have compiled a top 10 list of easy to achieve conservation practices that everyone can do at home to help protect our valuable natural resources.10. Keep your soil under cover – Anytime you have bare soi...

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Unknown plants enamor gardeners

Finding a gift for a gardener is hardly a task at all.I have yet to meet a gardener who is not enamored with plants unknown. Some are delighted by far away specimens from exotic climates; others are intrigued by unfamiliar natives seen underfoot or along the road. Any non-gardener who hangs around sees first-hand the tireless questioning and absurd detail that can come about from one seemingly mundane plant. Essentially, gardeners are explorers. Explorers cannot be expected to focu...

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Rain delays work at Ecological Center

The heavy rains, intermittent showers, and off target weather forecasts, have yet again prevented cultivation, planting, harvesting and haying during the past month at Stratford Ecological Center on Liberty Road.The hay fields thrive on the warmth and moisture and growth has been abundant. In order to get the first cutting of hay off the fields and allow the second cutting to grow, Farmer Jeff arranged for an outfit in Coshocton to travel to Stratford to wet bale and make haylage. ...

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Library website adds cool new features

Delaware County District Library has added some cool new features to its website and catalog to help you get the most out of your Library experience.We know that customers are always curious about what to read next, and while our knowledgeable librarians are always eager to help you choose your next book, we have added a feature to the catalog so you can find your “what’s next” book, too.

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The Continental powder keg

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” - Patrick Henry“The sword is drawn and God knows when it will be sheathed.”

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LeBron, be generous to Cleveland

The year was 1972, and a song entitled “The Clean-up Woman” was popular by singer Betty Wright. My entry for today should be labeled “The Clean-Up Column,” since several topics will be addressed. All merit attention, but none deserving of solo focus.Clevelanders are still joyously celebrating the return of their Prodigal Son, LeBron James. It is with both happiness and hesitation that I share their enthus...

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The fear and awe of unknowing

By Tom BurnsAmericans are, if nothing else, well entertained. We gorge ourselves on light and sound generated by high-tech gadgets, but we are never satisfied. Our bellies are full, but we are still hungry.Our stomachs are filled with air because our emotional response to the high-tech banquet lacks one critical component. We have lost our sense of awe, of slack-jawed wonder spiced with a gentle tinge of terror.A sprinkle of f...

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It’s canning season

Area gardens have been growing well, and all kinds of produce are becoming ripe. It’s time to get out the canners and preserve some of those vegetables and fruits for yummy eating next winter.Produce (and meat) that are not canned using current research-based canning methods can pose serious health risks. That means using the right canner for each type of produce.Pressure canning is the only safe method for home canning vegetables. Vegetables are low-acid foods and...

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Ohio still needs water conservation

The ongoing drought in the western states is real and has many western city dwellers, as well as ranchers, on alert. We shouldn’t be surprised about water shortages – it is a desert region after all. Add the huge increases in population growth over the past several decades and it is no wonder there is a water shortage. Meanwhile, the Midwest region of the US can have an abundance of water, especially in springs like this year. So why should we be concerned about water conservation...

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Library to feature community picks

You have probably noticed the displays filled with “Staff Picks” at the Delaware County District Library. Staff members regularly add their favorite books to these displays and Library customers have made them very popular — so popular, in fact, that it gave us an idea. How about letting customers tell us what their favorite books are?

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Finally, fields start to dry

The fields around Delaware County are finally drying out and most of the wheat has been harvested. Farmers have been bailing straw and hay while taking advantage of this great weather. Hopefully this dry weather will also help the corn and soybean crops.

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Take credit for your own sin

When was the last time you did something wrong? If an answer dosen’t immediately pop up in your mind, think about it for a minute then continue reading.One trend I’ve seen growing recently is how people don’t take credit for their own sin. There is always some sort of excuse; usually some circumstance or another person, which is the reason a person is thrust into doing what they did. The individual explains that if it had not been for such and such, they would nev...

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Duke vs. THE Duke

Duke vs. THE Duke“While we admire and respect John Wayne’s contributions to American culture, we are also committed to protecting the integrity of Duke University’s trademarks.”Michael SchoenfeldDuke University spokesman“Don’t pick...

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An American hero died July 2

A passing occurred last week of an American icon and legendary World War II hero. Louis “Louie” Zamperini, died at age 97 on July 2 at his Los Angeles home.His name might not be familiar, but his story of unparalleled wartime courage was publicized in the 2010 bestseller, Unbroken, authored by Laura Hillenbrand, which recently merited a movie of the same name, produced by Angelina Jolie.Born in 1917 of Italian immigrant parents in New York, the family moved t...

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Worms in my house? Really?

So it begins, the mother of sons, who for over three decades has avoided the presence of squirmy, wriggly things in her home, is about to attempt vermicomposting.Vermicomposting involves worms (Yes. Worms!) that break down substances (old paper, kitchen scraps, etc.) into a dark, nutrient-rich, natural compost in which your plants will thrive.

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