Right to privacy? Hardly

As if enduring the routine cat calls and doing whatever we must to “protect ourselves” against the possibility of being sexually assaulted isn’t enough, now women must also take care that no one surreptitiously takes a photo of our nether regions. It would seem that if there is any such thing as a right to privacy it would cover our private areas, in particular in cases in which we have elected to cover them with shirts, skirts or dresses.Yet, according to several...

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‘Next generation of citizen leaders’

To the editor:The future of Delaware County is very bright thanks to the hard work and diligent efforts of Jacob Fathbruckner.At age 33, Fathbruckner is leading the next generation of citizen leaders of our community through his exemplary campaign for Delaware County commissioner.I hope my fellow citizens will consider three of this young man’s many outstanding qualities.First, he is a truth-teller. He tells you when he agrees and why. He tell...

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BV plan is ‘most affordable option’

To the editor:As a Buckeye Valley graduate, parent and taxpayer, my husband and I are grateful to raise our children in this district. As a young family, we chose to build in Buckeye Valley after relocating from out of state.As a K-12 BV student, I received an excellent education and feel compelled to encourage a “yes” vote for the renovation, modernization, improved safety measures and increased HVAC efficiency in our elementary buildings.As our s...

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‘We can’t afford to re-open North school’

To the editor:Some Buckeye Valley district residents and school board members are saying that we have to do something to address the issues with the elementary school buildings. In reality, the proposed reopening of the North Elementary School, followed by the renovation of the two existing elementary schools, is fiscally irresponsible and potentially quite harmful to the future of the Buckeye Valley budget and our taxes. This is why I have to vote “no” for the upcoming...

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Protecting our air, health

In the United States, dirty power plants are responsible for 40 percent of the carbon pollution causing climate change, yet there are currently no federal limits on this pollution that threatens public health. There are federal limits on dangerous pollutants, like mercury, soot, and arsenic, but no federal safeguards against carbon pollution.Ohioans are uniquely aware of these facts, as we disproportionately suffer the effect of air pollution from fossil-fueled power plants. In 201...

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Board should consider other options

I have never voted against a school bond issue in the past, but feel forced to do so on Nov. 4.The Buckeye Valley school board needs to understand the frustration they have caused by rushing to put this bond issue on the ballot without truly making an effort to ask the opinions of all the residents of the Buckeye Valley district. If they had conducted an open format survey, there would not be such an uprising of non-support for this particular bond issue from some of the most suppo...

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Be safe during eclipse

On Thursday, Oct. 23, we will see a partial eclipse of the sun – if the sky is clear. The eclipse begins at 5:46 p.m., so the sun will be very low, about 9 degrees up, on the west-southwestern horizon as the eclipse begins and the moon takes a tiny bite out of the right side of the solar disk.For reference, the angular distance from the horizon to straight overhead, which astronomers call the zenith, is 90 degrees. Therefore, in our case, the sun will be one-tenth the distanc...

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Good things can have a down side

To the editor:Good things often have a down side. A team wins a big one, but its star is injured. A company automation increases efficiency, but jobs are lost. A community gets needed rain, but a class picnic is spoiled.Sometimes the down side is particularly tragic, even insidious. Gov. Kasich’s ads boast that he’s cut taxes. Hidden in his hubris, however, is a sobering down side. He never brags about the important public service, key community need, or esse...

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‘The best chance to be approved’

To the editor:Three new board members were elected to the Buckeye Valley school board last November. They ran on the platform of renovating all three elementary buildings and returning the fifth-grade students to the elementary buildings. All recent studies show this plan is liked the most.It puzzles me why the most determined opponents are fighting so strongly when they don’t have a unified plan. None of their ideas has a chance of being approved by a majority of ...

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Gloria adores her mom

Hello to one and all!This week I would like to introduce you to someone who means a lot to me, someone who has played one of the most important roles in my life (that is besides my husband). I have many friends who are very near and dear to me, but this particular person has probably done more for me than anyone else ever has. You guessed it! It’s my dear mother (Dorcas Raber). Little did I know or was even able to fathom what my parents have done for me until I had a child o...

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Bond issue failure would be costly

To the editor:In August 2012, the voters of the Buckeye Valley School District voted 3 to 1 against building a single mega-elementary school that would have eliminated all of our neighborhood schools.In a follow-up community survey, the residents of the school district indicated strongly that they wanted community (neighborhood) schools.In the fall of 2013, the voters overwhelming elected three new board members, who ran on the issue of saving our community sc...

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A break from depressing news

It is a daunting proposition to find “good news” during recent network news broadcasts. Between the deadly perils of Ebola and ISIS, watching nightly summations of world sickness, strife and terrorism can make the most optimistic person anything but cheery.

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‘We need the best judge for those cases’

To the editor:For many years, the Delaware County justice system has been well served by David Gormley – first, as an assistant prosecuting attorney, then as our municipal court judge. Now that public service can continue as Judge Gormley runs for the open position in the Delaware County Common Pleas Court.He brings to that position deep experience as a lawyer and as a sitting judge. He has an incredibly long and impressive list of professional accomplishments, inc...

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‘Yes vote will not increase your taxes’

To the editor:As co-chairs of the renewal Delaware City Schools levy issue that will appear on the November ballot, we are writing to express our support of this issue and to urge Delaware voters to vote “yes.”

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‘Support schools where our children live’

To the editor:It’s ridiculous how the Buckeye Valley school board and the Ohio school board think spending $27 million is acceptable when the student enrollment in the areas they want to spend the money has declined. What are they thinking?They are responsible to provide the best possible education for all children. It is very sad that they want to stick the taxpayers with $27 million in debt that must be repaid by Concord residents. Furthermore, the board...

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