County plans annual road maintenance

By Dustin Ensinger

April 9, 2014

Potholes beware.

The Delaware County commissioners took the first step Monday toward implementing the county’s annual road improvement plan by approving bid specifications for the project.

The annual resurfacing and chip and crack sealing project will include about $6 million worth of work on county and township roadways this year.

About $2.45 million worth of work will be done on county roads. The townships are pitching in $2.58 million for the project. The Ohio Public Works Commission will contribute $1.1 million toward work on township roadways.

The projects will be bid as a package.

“We open this program up to townships to join the bidding process with us, and, collectively, we put together a contract that attracts a lot of attention and very favorable pricing because of the size of it,” said Delaware County Engineer Chris Bauserman.

The $6 million project is expected to begin in May and end in September.

“We expect all the townships and the county to benefit from the pooled resources,” Bauserman said.

Delaware County Chief Deputy Engineer said the harsh winter took a major toll on county roads.

“The cold and wet winter has put a lot of stress on our pavements, leading to potholes in places where they have never been a problem before,” he said. “Our crews are working to repair these areas as weather permits. Our 2014 resurfacing program will target some of our county roads with heavy truck traffic such as Home Road, Hyatts, Road, Section Line Road and Moore Road, to prevent those roads from deteriorating next winter.”