Gazette Teen of Week program showcased remarkable talents

June 16, 2014

The Delaware Gazette’s recently completed 2013-14 Teen of the Week program continued a tradition that began when The Gazette created the program in the 1960s.

As this year’s weekly articles (written by the high school seniors themselves, responding to a Gazette questionaire) showed, Teens of the Week are remarkable young people.

Reading the weekly articles, one is struck by the students’ superb communication skills, their heightened observation and awareness, and their sense of responsibility and ambition, to say nothing of their academic skill.

This year’s Teens of the Week were:

• Teen of the Year Matt Gessner, Delaware Christian School.

• Caleb Adams, Delaware Hayes High School.

• Ganiru Anunike, Olentangy High School.

• Emily Baker, Hayes High School.

• Alexandra Brennan, Olentangy High School.

• Michael DeLeon, Olentangy Liberty High School.

• Alexa Demyan, Olentangy High School.

• Natasha Desai, Village Academy.

• Kathryn Dinovo, Hayes High School.

• Aaron Fraser, Olentangy High School.

• Kayla Henderson, Buckeye Valley High School.

• Eric Johnson, Buckeye Valley High School

• Ashley Lane, Village Academy.

• Katelyn Morgan, Delaware Christian High School.

• Emily Richards, Hayes High School.

• Jesse Rines, Big Walnut High School.

• Elizabeth Russell, Hayes High School.

• Leah Shaw, Big Walnut High School.

• Kaden Thompson, Big Walnut High School.

• Emma Trippier, Hayes High School.

• Rachael Vonada, Hayes High School.

• Lily Wiest, Hayes High School.

The Teen of the Week program would not be possible without the sponsorship of Columbus State Community College, which provided the program’s $2,500 scholarship award.