Longtime speech, hearing center director retires

By Dustin Ensinger

July 4, 2014

By Dustin Ensinger

In the past three decades, Guy Naples has seen Delaware County grow rapidly and the need for low-cost speech and hearing services rise right along with the population.

After 30 years of leading the Delaware Speech and Hearing Center through substantial growth, Guy Naples stepped aside as the organization’s executive director.

“I thought 30 was a good number,” he said. “I’m still healthy and I have two small grandchildren.”

When Naples took the reins of the organization, Delaware was still a small rural county. And the Speech and Hearing Center occupied 2,400-square-foot facility where eight employees made due with an annual budget of just over $150,000.

Today the organization has three locations, 18 employees and a budget of over $1 million annually.

“We were able to expand our reach consistent with the growth in the county,” Naples said.

But Naples believes his biggest accomplishment was recruiting and retaining great staff members.

“I’m most proud of the staff that I’ve been able to retain that embraced a philosophy of providing for the needs of all Delaware County residents regardless of their ability to pay,” he said.

Naples also credited the organization’s board of directors that serves on a voluntary basis for helping to put the organization in the position it is in today.

Beyond spending time with his grandchildren, Naples plans to focus on some of his hobbies and volunteer work during his retirement.

He has been replaced by Bethany Moore, a former pediatric audiologist.

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