Delaware County Property Transfers

1628 Wrenbury Drive, Galena; Dublin Manor LLC to Flanders, John III & Jennifer R.; $570,000.

631 Kingsbury Road, Delaware; Amato, John to Amato, Joseph A. & Crista N. @3; $168,000.

7481 Holderman Street, Lewis Center; Funk, Robert W. III to Wagner, Scott Raymond; $249,900.

1794 Ivy Street, Lewis Center; Yates, Scott J. & Kari M. to Shumaker, Justin D. & Erin; $330,000.

362 Brets Lane, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc.; $61,800.

50 Pumphrey Terrace, Delaware; Schairer, Pamela A. to Anderson, Leslie J. & Jarod K.; $229,500.

8965 dublin Road, Powell; Beaver, Suzette E. to Williamson, Jenica & Alston; $1,150,000.

325 Tar Heel, Delaware; Livingston, Bryan M. to G.M.K. & J.M.; $235,000.

9565 Cordona Loop, Powell; Romanelli and Hughes Building Company to Poulos, John G. & Patricia; $100,000.

1425 Haverhill Court, Delaware; Nelson Farms Associates LLC to Kuppusamy, Palanivel & Manoharan, Anitha; $150,000.

6400 Brandon Drive, Lewis Center; NRS Properties Limited LLC to NVR Inc.; $48,000.

6400 Brandon Drive, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Dube, Ankit; $405,175.

7569 Paradisio Drive, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc.; $95,000.

6424 Lake Trail Drive, Westerville; Sharnsky, Mark T. to Garinger, Paul N. & Michelle A.; $502,000.

6430 Creekside Circle, Galena; NVR Inc. to Micchia, Frank A. & Huang, Lifang; $465,730.

7220 State Route 61, Sunbury; Kubacki, Elizabeth A. & Timothy to Cochran, Daniel & Jana Kristen; $164,000.

7674 Talavera Drive, Galena; NVR Inc. to Telesz, Craig R. & Amy K.; $496,859.

137 Whistling Way Drive, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Herrmann, Darrell E. & Kristen M.; $349,365.

328 Ben Curtis Drive, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc. to Mays, James G. & Creedon, Renee; $358,250.

4910 Tussic Street Road, Westerville; Berg, Thomas E. & Jacqueline K. to Phillips, Casey & Prescott, Courtney; $259,900.

3740 Evelynton Avenue, Lewis Center; Village at Bale Kenyon LLC The to Jung, Seung Ho & Kang, Hyun-Ku H.; $225,835.

2254 Omaha Place, Lewis Center; Glanzman, Gary M. & Heidi K. to McConnell, William A. & Christen M.; $344,000.

305 Burns Drive, Westerville; Smock, Peter & Kelly R. to Homewood Building Company LLC; $250,000.

1837 Ashburn Drive, Delaware; Shrigley, Ross M. to Niehaus, Michael Raymond; $158,000.

7378 Falls View Circle, Delaware; Coverdale, Timothy R. & Earlene B. to Storey, Marilyn L.; $250,000.

3732 Evelynton Avenue, Lewis Center; Village at Bale Kenyon LLC The to Nadhavajhala, Sravan Bharath & Dhurbhakula, Saraswathi Harika; $225,950.

5840 Yellowfin Lane, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Campanale, Beth A.; $248,110.

192 Longmeadow Court, Powell; Partin, Matthew S. to Bradford, Mark & Laura; $294,000.

5333 Lakeview Drive, Powell; Reynolds, Cathy C. & Cordle to Turner, Jeffrey W. & Mercer, Christina M.; $315,000.

591 S. Three B’s & K Road, Galena; Schroeder, Edward M. & Kirts, Susanne M. to Gregg, Christopher R. & Everley, Gregg & Alyssa D.; $212,500.

38 Stilson Street, Delaware; Hope Rise Properties LLC to Jones, Alexandreah & Blummer, Jesse A.; $133,000.