‘Homeless have never been treated well’

To the editor:I was saddened to read in the Jan. 15 issue of The Gazette about the homeless man who stole some food from an elderly woman (“Homeless man sentenced to a year in prison”).

Michael Moore ‘absolute moron’

To the editor:If one were to look up the word “reprobate” in the dictionary, there certainly would be a picture of Michael Moore next to the entry.

‘Your writings seem angry, negative’

To the editor:An open letter to Stefan Schemine: I have been faithfully reading your frequent Letters to the Editor and “Your View” column in the Delaware Gazette. Obviously, you are a concerned citizen.

‘Anti-American diatribes’

Shameful. Michael Moore, the original definition of pond scum, has the unmitigated gall to refer to American snipers as “cowards that would shoot you in the back.”

Shocked by my energy bill

To the editor:


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