Grateful for DACC leadership

As a teacher for many years I care a lot about kids and I have been following with great interest your stories concerning the tangle of problems for the building of our new Delaware Area (Combined) Career Center (DACC). The 2015 omission of the renewal levy on the ballots of a few voters in Union, Morrow, Marion, and Franklin counties was truly unfortunate. The fact is that even if all those folks had voted against the levy, it would still have passed because of the strong support here in Delaware County. But government moves in mysterious ways and the Dept. of Taxation would not accept the levy. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Enter the cool leadership of DACC Superintendent Mary Beth Freeman, who has kept working with the Board of Elections and with our state representatives. She is a team player. Nonetheless, recently she had to announce the need to stop construction on the DACC building, once it was under cover. Meanwhile our public servants, Reps. Andrew Brenner and Rick Carfagna, authored a House Bill to extend the renewal levy here and only place it on the ballot in the other four counties. That bill passed and a similar one, with assistance from Sen. Kris Jordan passed in the Senate.

I am so heartened to see that the educational needs of our young people have priority, that government and public servants are at work for all of us in the community. I am extremely grateful.

— Colleen J. Huckabee, Delaware

— Colleen J. Huckabee, Delaware