Quotations in the News

“We have gunned down at least six terrorists and the main building is cleared but the operation is still going on,” — Lt. Col. Tuhin Mohammad Masud, commander of the Bangladesh forces who stormed a Dhaka restaurant where militants were holding hostages.


“Workers in Atlantic City understand that there was a social compact in 1976 when gaming was first approved for Atlantic City: We will give you a license to make money, but the jobs have to be good, middle-class jobs. At the Taj Mahal, they’re poverty level.” — Casino workers union president Bob McDevitt, discussing a strike against the Trump Taj Mahal, entering its second day.


“The American public can’t be confident that the government is using lethal force legally and wisely.” — Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Security Project, responding to the White House’s release of information about civilians killed in drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere overseas.