Belarusian leader treats action hero Seagal to local carrots

MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has treated American action hero Steven Seagal to a harvest of carrots and watermelons at his country residence.

Seagal, 64, is not new to Eastern Europe. He often visits Russia to socialize with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lukashenko on Wednesday hosted Segal at his residence north of Minsk, the capital, and treated him in front of television cameras to traditional Belarusian food like lard. The footage from the visit showed Lukashenko peel a carrot and hand it to Seagal to try.

During last year’s harvest, Lukashenko, who has been described as Europe’s last dictator, hosted French actor Gerard Depardieu and gave him a lesson in hand scything.

Seagal has a consultancy contact with a Belarusian online game developer.