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The Associated Press plans the following stories on the death of Fidel Castro in addition to coverage of spot developments:


Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who led an improbable rebel victory, embraced Soviet-style communism long after the collapse of the Soviet Union and defied the power of 10 U.S. presidents, has died at age 90. By Michael Weissenstein and Peter Orsi.


Fidel Castro’s revolution was slowly dying — or so it seemed. Communism had collapsed in Europe, and Cuba’s Soviet lifeline was severed. Food was in short supply. A lack of diesel choked the rumble of Russian-built trucks, and factories rusted in the tropical heat. The title of an American book seemed just right: “Castro’s Final Hour.” Yet the Cuban leader refused to give up on the revolution he had unleashed three decades before. By Paul Haven and Peter Orsi.


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