DA: ‘Real possibility’ armed man in theater wanted to shoot

MONACA, Pa. (AP) — A prosecutor says there’s a “real possibility” a Georgia man jailed on charges he brought a stolen gun and ammunition into a western Pennsylvania movie theater planned to shoot it up.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier is talking about 21-year-old William Gossett, of Covington. He was arrested Saturday at the Cinemark Theater in Center Township on Saturday. That’s about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Township police say they say they stopped Gossett after he walked into the theater with a large bag, wearing long-sleeved military fatigues despite temperatures in the 90s. Police say the handgun in the bag was stolen in Ohio.

Gossett doesn’t have an attorney listed in court records. He’s charged only with receiving stolen property and having an unlicensed gun.

Federal authorities confirm they’re also investigating.