Clinton sparks interest in first woman nominated, in 1872

HOMER, Ohio (AP) — Nearly a century and a half before Hillary Clinton, a fiery activist from Ohio became the first woman nominated for U.S. president.

Victoria Woodhull’s varied and colorful life makes her difficult to pigeonhole. She’s “Mrs. Satan” to some, a visionary champion of women’s and children’s rights to others. The fledgling Equal Rights Party nominated her to face Ulysses S. Grant in 1872, well before women’s right to vote.

Clinton’s historic candidacy as the first female nominee of a major party has touched off renewed interest in Woodhull’s life.

The Homer, Ohio, native is being honored with exhibits, lectures, a parade and a planned documentary. Visits are up at the only U.S. memorial to Woodhull: a clock tower in nearby Granville where her wooden likeness emerges hourly.