After report, family of boy in gorilla pen again thanks zoo

CINCINNATI (AP) — The family of the boy who slipped into a gorilla exhibit is expressing its appreciation to the Cincinnati Zoo in the aftermath of a federal report that found the exhibit hadn’t been in compliance with standards.

The zoo’s dangerous-animal response team concluded the 3-year-old boy’s life was in danger and fatally shot an endangered gorilla named Harambe (huh-RAHM’-bay), which led to mourning and criticism.

In a statement, the boy’s relatives say they appreciate the quick actions by zoo staff and “mourn with them the loss of Harambe.”

A U.S. Department of Agriculture spokeswoman says although the zoo barrier previously passed inspections, the May 28 breach showed it was no longer effective. She says the zoo took quick and comprehensive corrective action in making the barrier taller and adding nylon mesh.