To the editor:

Most of the time my husband and I read letters to the editor written by the same writers, arguing the same positions; and we think the best idea would be to give them each other’s address. That way they could argue their points between themselves. Obviously, neither one will ever change his own personal opinion.

However, after reading this latest “put-down” of Chuck Smith (Nov. 11, “Reader entitled to display his bigotry in print”), I just have to weigh in and defend Mr. Smith. Why Tony Marconi is “more than a little embarrassed” boggles my mind. Creedalist? Islamaphobic? Seriously?

The surge in Muslim population, the increased building of mosques here, and the violence in the Middle East behooves us to pay close attention to what is going on in this country. You cannot be “all things to all people” and eventually have to take a stand for what you believe or don’t believe.

Calling someone a “bigot” just because they have differing views is just not right. Mr. Smith does not “sound ridiculous” to many of us. In fact, he makes a lot of sense. Especially to those of us who are, just as you claim to be, a thinking person, a student of history, and an ethical Christian.

Be it far from me to scare anyone, but I challenge you to pick up the New York Times best-seller book “The Islamic Antichrist” by author Joel Richardson (an internationally recognized expert on Biblical prophecy, the Middle East and Islam, as well as a human rights activist, commentator and columnist). You will learn very quickly what the essence of their beliefs are, quoting both the Bible and the Quran, and the ultimate goal. It is not to be “friends” with Christians and have us all live “happily ever after.”

B. Tirrill-Dey