I am writing in support of the Big Walnut Schools bond issue on the ballot.

As more families move into this community we are seeing our class sizes swell. Our younger grades are considerably larger than the current graduating class. Our teachers aim to provide exceptional instruction to all of the students, but as the classes get larger, that becomes more and more difficult.

Busing students away from their neighborhood school to one that has space is a temporary solution. A new elementary would take two years to build and during that time we will exceed capacity at each of the elementary schools we have now.

The money that will be generated from this bond will not only allow for our district to add the space they need and make many much needed improvements, but will hopefully eliminate the need to purchase trailers to use as classroom space. I know that our teachers would make the best of the situation and our students would learn.

The problem with trailers is that in order to pay for them, money is pulled from our district’s operating budget, which will lead to budget cuts. It could be technology, teachers, specials, or support staff, but most likely we will see cuts in all of those areas. It will impact each student in some way.

Our schools are reaching maximum capacity and there does not seem to be an end in sight to the growth that is occurring. We can’t afford to wait another year to start planning and building for the future. The students in Big Walnut Schools are counting on us to vote Yes.

— Jen Nieset