Delaware police report:

• Staff at Grady Memorial Hospital contacted police Tuesday morning after a patient claimed he murdered two men in Atlanta, Georgia. Hospital staff told police the man checked himself in because he was very intoxicated and suffering from a behavioral health issue. While he was being treated, the man told staff that he killed two men in Atlanta, Georgia and wanted to turn himself in to police. Police spoke to the man and gathered information about the alleged crime before calling Atlanta Police. Atlanta Police told the Delaware officers that they were familiar with the man, but denied that he committed any murders and said he had behavioral health issues. A report was taken to document the incident, but no charges were filed.

• A teen was charged with criminal damaging at Kohl’s on Tuesday evening after store employees reported that three teens were rubbing cosmetic items like lipstick on their hands and wiping their hands off on jackets that were on display. The 15-year-old will be charged in Delaware County Juvenile Court.