Earlier this week we lost internet connection at the Delaware County District Library for a few hours in the late afternoon and into the evening. The power was still on, our computers could still search the library catalog for books and materials, and we had connections to our staff server where we save many of our internal documents.

However, in just those few hours without internet connectivity, you would have thought we were living in the dark ages. I will admit, as a communications professional, it is difficult to do the majority of my job if there is no internet, but I made do. I cleaned and organized. I filed and got rid of files. All those times that I set something down thinking “I’ll file that away later” had finally caught up with me.

Now, if you ever wanted to know what it was truly like to live as our pioneer ancestors did, you have another opportunity one week from today at our Ostrander Branch Library. On Saturday, Sept. 30 the branch will host their first Scioto Heritage Fest from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Scioto Township area has a rich history and our branch manager, Harla Lawson, and her staff have worked very hard to put together an entertaining and educational day as you walk through the life of an 1800s settler.

I would recommend lovers of history, crafting, music, food and trains make a point to venture to Ostrander for this day. Even Karen Meyers, local author of the “Mysteries of the Ohio Frontier and Settlers of the Ohio Frontier” series, will tell stories and make pioneer presentations at 12 and 2 p.m.

Local organizations like the Toy Train Operating Society: Buckeye Division, Ostrander’s Needlers Quilting Group and the Central Ohio Weavers all will have demonstrations throughout the day. The day rounds out with a nice warm campfire and walking tours of the area. Learn more about this fantastic day on our website at www.delawarelibrary.org/event or give Harla a call at the Ostrander Branch at 740-666-1410. I hope to see you there.

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