Delaware County Commissioners approved appropriations for the Job and Family Services Department, Adult Court Services, and the Regional Sewer District during Thursday’s meeting.

Steven Sikora, fiscal officer for Delaware County Job & Family Services, requested approval of a supplemental appropriation. He asked to move $70,000 to the “224 fund, it’s our general income maintenance account.”

“We did not budget enough for the countywide indirect cost where we reimburse the general revenue fund,” he said. “We are requesting that we can move $70,000 from one fund into (the 224 fund) to cover that cost.”

Before commissioners took action on the item, Sikora said he had a second “appropriation change for additional funds that we received but to be expended in 2018 and that will be $12,000 total.”

“We’re just moving money around,” Sikora said.

Commissioners approved the department’s request.

Sikora also asked commissioners to authorize the use of funds for the purchase of coffee, meals, refreshments, and other amenities.

“I am here to discuss the Family Services Planning Committee’s quarterly planning meeting budget,” he said. “They are requesting $600 a year for the calendar year.”

Sikora told commissioners that the committee is made up of community partners led by Job and Family Services Director David Dombrosky. He said the JFS department provides lunch for the members at the meeting.

Commissioner Gary Merrell asked Deputy County Administrator Si Kille for a reason the request wasn’t part of the annual budget. Kille told the board that the meeting was scheduled before he would do the blanket certificates for the year, “that’s why they are doing it now.” Kille did confirm Merrell’s question of it being part of the budget.

Sikora told the board that last year more money was budgeted, but “we backed it down because we didn’t use that much.”

Commissioners approved the request to use the funds for the committee.

Kay Baglione, Adult Court Services office manager, approached the commissioners for approval of a supplemental appropriation.

“The funds that we actually spent were allotted to us, but due to a glitch in the state’s computer system, we were not able to do a budget revision,” she said. “It resulted in us having to pay them back $516.”

Commissioners approved the appropriation.

Regina DeWitt, Regional Sewer District administrative coordinator, approached the board for approval of a transfer of appropriation for the solid waste transfer station.

“Moving a small amount of money from the salaries to benefits to cover the last two pay periods of this year,” she said.

Commissioners approved the action.

By D. Anthony Botkin

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