Delaware County Property Transfers

9667 Riverway Run, Powell; Teknos, Kari S. to Klausner, Todd S. & Karas, Jessica N.; $1,150,J000.

1420 Wabash Avenue, Delaware; Jordan, Ralph K. to Equity Trust Company; $54,,000.

8344 Sable Crossing Drive, Columbus; Spiroff, Michelle R. to Bonnie Reality Services LLC; $100,000.

110 Ridge Side Drive, Powell; Donnelly, John B. & Dorothy E. to Robbins, Jessica R. & Francis H.; $315,000.

9224 Echo Hill Court, Columbus; Ball, Erin & Hugh M. & Elizabeth Lee to Cochrac, Gregory J. Jr.; $160,000.

9304 Polaris Green Drive, Columbus; Dewees, Raina to Karlapudi, Kiran Kumar; $240,500.

8181 Lewis Center Road, Westerville; O’brien Projects Inc. to McGee, Josh & Beals, Kelsey; $394,000.

6849 Whitetail Lane, Westerville; Cumming, David B. & Sherrill A. to Hoopes, Justin A. & Gross Hoopes, Heather R.; $377,000.

2522 Shepherd Court, Powell; Randall, Lori J. & Melvin Lee to Mastrangelo, Joseph C. & Janet A.; $837,000.

5990 Springburn Drive, Dublin; Wallace, Scott A. & Julie M. to Wilson, Eric & Lyndsey; $485,000.

1411 Wabash Avenue, Delaware; Lawless, Steven A. & Bernadette to Hall, William G.; $60,000.

5370 Covington Meadows Drive, Westerville; Hoopes, Justin A. & Gross, Heather R. to Lord, Oscar L. IV & Sara M.; $300,000.

9216 Stratton Lane, Dublin; Morrical, Barbara Trustee & Robert L. Trustees to Allen, Donald S. & Carolyn S.; $237,000.

4703 Cranleigh Court, Dublin; Fleming, John T. & Suzanne to McCarrell, Michael P. & Kimberly J.; $900,000.

8280 Tegmen Street, Columbus; Werner, William H. Jr. to Cepeda, Vianela & Dannis A.; $189,000.

7350 Summerfield Drive, Lewis Center; Weil, Steven D. & Julie A. to Adrian, Nelson & Rachel; $301,000.

239 Tinley Park Cir, Delaware; Studer, Beverly J. Trustee to McWilliams, George R. & Carol J.; $367,000.

9094 Concord Road, Powell; Biscardi Family LLC to George, Andrew & Jennifer; $145,000.

1941 Carr Road, Ostrander; Justice, Thomas V. & Lori A. to Justice, Jesse T.; $240,000.

106 Griswold Street, Delaware; Rupp, David & Renee to Livingston, Bryan M. & Sara B.; $305,000.

2787 Mallards Landing Drive, Powell; Lo, Cheryl A. to Fondriest, Mary E. & Steven; $380,000.

39 W. Hiawatha Drive, Powell; Rankin, Matthew C. Trustee to Rankin, Joseph A.; $320,000.

300 Sprucewood Drive, Delaware; Laymon, Ronald Earl to Eldredge, Bonnie L.; $189,900.

7602 Scioto Ridge Drive, Powell; Kenning, Kevin B. to Schmidt, Robert F. & Constance M.; $335,000.

14 S. Harrison Street, Ashley; English, Laura L. to Delaware Dynasty LLC; $61,700.

157 Penick Avenue, Delaware; Evans, Eric M. to Schomberger, Paul; $115,000.

1011 Arcadia Boulevard, Westerville; Cannell, Robert M. & Kathleen A. to Pryor, Ketti; $282,500.

5524 Bellerive Place, Westerville; McPherson, Brian S. & Lynn M. to McGannon, Kimberly A. & Michael A.; $375,000.

16041 Lewis Road, Sunbury; Slay, Brenda K. to Hamill, Ryan R. & Jessica Leigh; $350,000.

5394 Grand Ridge Drive, Galena; Ward, Susan R. to Bidwell Homes LLC; $203,000.