The State of the Union Address laid out accomplishments of the past year and the hopes and expectations for 2018. President Trump spoke appeasement, bipartisanship, coming together, and making America Great Again. But I noticed that the Democrats were having none of it. Nancy Pelosi rolled marbles around in her month all night. Chuck Schumer went to sleep, most of the Congressional Black Caucus were no-shows, and the rest of the Dems had their hands glued to their seats. What a shameful display of hatred for a President and America.

The Dems acted like spoiled kids who did not get their way. Has anyone ever noticed that the Dems use the hyphen a lot? Examples, African-American, Latino-American, but never addressing themselves as Americans. They could not even applaud or stand when the President mentioned the great Capital Building, respecting our flag or standing during the National Anthem. I guess the Congressional Democrats are players, coaches or owners in the NFL.

The Dems and their fawning toddies in the media have never come to grips that — they lost. Get over it and become part of the solution, not the problem. We need to resurrect our military, modernize it, train it and care for it. We need to keep Guantanamo open to house killers of Americans; we need to fix our aging infrastructure; we need to bring jobs back to America, and fix the terrible trade bills from previous administrations. But the Republicans will have to go it alone as they can expect no support from the sore losers. Shame on them.

Christopher Acker