Who were those kids we went to school with?

What causes us to make sure there is a class reunion every five years so we can see them again?

Where is it written that they are the greatest bunch of friends we ever knew?

When can we make it happen? This year, next year, five years from now?

Why do you want to see them again at this time of life?

Who remembers the names of our elementary school teachers?

What do you remember happening when you were sent to the principal’s office?

Where did you live during your years in high school?

When did your siblings start to school? Did the teachers call you by their name?

Why were you failing some subjects and passing others?

Who would like to go back to high school and spend just one day there?

What day would it be? Prom day? Play practice day? Graduation day?

Where did the teachers go when they left the classroom? Out to smoke?

When did you get your first job after high school, and where did you work?

Why were some always picked last for games like “Red Rover”?

Who was the best athlete playing football? baseball? basketball? or track?

What did you think when you were asked to your first prom?

Where did you sit in study hall when you got away with passing notes?

When did you learn to drive? Who taught you? and what year of car was it?

Why did you like some of the cafeteria food but not all of it?

And last but not least:

Who of your class is still able to travel?

What would we wear since we never dress up any longer?

Where could we get name tags so we can figure out who is who?

When could we plan to meet since everyone has so many doctors’ appointments?

Why would we want to leave home when we all have phones and could just call each other?


By Kay Conklin

Contributing columnist

Kay E. Conklin is a retired Delaware County recorder who served four terms. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in sociology and anthropology.