Various sections of U.S. Route 42 will be closed in the coming months as the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) works to make improvements to the roadway. The improvements, which will be conducted in four phases, include edge repairs, shoulder widening, installation of center line and edge line rumble strips, and the resurfacing of pavement.

Three of the phases will involve lane closures on U.S. 42. During the lane closures, all southbound traffic on U.S. 42 will be maintained on U.S. 42, and all northbound traffic on U.S. 42 will be detoured on state Route 257 to U.S. Route 36 and William Street through Delaware to U.S. Route 23.

During all phases, northbound and southbound traffic on South Section Line Road will be maintained through the U.S. 42 intersection.

Phase 1 includes work on U.S. 42 work between SR 257 and South Section Line Road. The phase is expected to span 84 days before completion.

Phase 2 will include work on U.S. 42 between South Section Line Road and Sawmill Parkway. Work on Phase 2 is also expected to last for 84 days.

Work on Phase 3 will include U.S. 42 improvements on the South Sandusky Street overpass bridge, located immediately west of U.S. 23, and will span 14 days.

Phase 4 will consist of the asphalt milling and resurfacing of the entire project area.

Although the project will be constructed in four phases, the phases will not be completed in numerical order. Phase 2 will be conducted first and is set to begin on May 2, with the entirety of the project expected to be completed in November.

The project, which has an estimated price tag of $4.8 million, will be primarily funded by ODOT, with the exception of city cost-sharing of asphalt resurfacing within Delaware city limits. The city’s portion of the project cost is $112,000 and will be funded using the city’s State Highway Fund.

For more information and updates on the project and detour routes, visit or go to the Access Delaware Facebook page.

By Dillon Davis

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