Jesus assured us ‘it’ll be alright’


“It’ll be alright!” This refrain surfaced on my lips during a team meeting at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church a few weeks back. I kept singing it softly. I hummed it again and again. Try as I might, the refrain flowed from my lips despite my best efforts to stop singing it.

Reflecting back on our discussion that evening, Jesus’ words to his disciples were quite raw and poignant. He was in no way interested in overlooking the contempt of his day. He warned his followers that they were living in very troubling times. Everyone would face them. He also pointed out that many false voices would speak of the end being near when everything was collapsing around them and that they had the answers. Everyone should turn away from them. But despite all of this, his word to them was encouraging. Jesus provided them an enduring promise. “But not a hair on your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your soul.” (Luke 21:18-19) In short, I am with you, and “It’ll be alright!”

“It’ll be alright!” The refrain from Dean Lewis’ 2018 Be Alright is a great reminder to us all. Although this 2018 song that topped the music charts for a period of time in 2019 refers to someone wading through the pain of a lost love, a girlfriend, and does not refer to God’s love for us and our love for our neighbors, many of the lyrics and the refrain are a very real reminder of God’s love for us. God is near.

“It’ll be alright!” For one, it may not seem like it. The struggles in one’s daily living may seem so overwhelming. The pressures of economic inflation may be plain and simply too much at times. The sky-high gas, energy, food and other prices may make one wonder how the bills are going to get paid.

For another, the real consequences of abuse and violence may make one pause and wonder. Is there a way through? What am I to do now? Who really cares? The isolation may feel terrifying.

For another, the global strife may strike fear in one’s heart and mind. What at one time seemed so far away in past times seems a lot closer to home in these days. The news can just sound very troubling.

To all in these moments of their lives and in other moments that appear hopeless, these words are meant to assure you. “It’ll be alright!”

It will be alright! This is most certainly true not because I say so but because Jesus said so. He said so to his disciples, and he says so to all of us. Our hope will languish when it is in passing things of our world. However, our hope will endure when it is in the God who is near and God who loves all now and forevermore.

By Craig Richter

Your Pastor Speaks

Craig Richter is co-pastor at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Delaware.

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