Preliminary plans for Peachblow Crossing approved

The Berlin Township Zoning Commission (BZC) first met in 2023 on Jan. 10 regarding the Peachblow Crossing subdivision.

APN Group LLC sought approval on preliminary development plan, wishing to rezone two parcels on 48 acres at 3710 Piatt Road from Farm Residential to R-3 Planned Residential District for 83 single-family homes. They had already had several meetings on the matter, the minutes read.

The developer said 38% of the development (18.3 acres) would be green space, including a 1.5-acre central park with a play area, sledding hill, and two pickleball courts. Mounding and landscaping were added to the plan, along with a rail fence, the meeting minutes said.

During the commission consideration portion of the meeting, members said that other subdivisions such as Berlin Bluffs and Maeve Meadows had more green space, and that only the 1.5 acres of parkland was actually usable open space, reducing the percentage to 10.13%, and 30-32 lots back up to each other. A retention basin would flow to the north and be stocked with fish, and the ponds in the development would have fountains.

It was noted “there would be a left turn into the neighborhood, northbound.” Side load garages would be scattered among 25% of the homes, with each house having parking for four vehicles. There was concern with proximity to the railroad tracks and fencing to the rear of those homes. It was also said that a 17th elementary for Olentangy Local Schools will be opening for 2024-2025 at Peachblow and Piatt roads.

A Piatt Road resident said he was concerned that the entrance of the development was near his home and thought the traffic would disrupt his way of life. He said erecting a mound along the length of his lot would block headlights and noise, though.

There was also discussion regarding density and divergences, with the developer proposing a reduction to 80 lots. “The zoning resolution still requires a maximum of 1.85 units per net developable acre, which would be 77 units in this case,” the meeting minutes read. “At 77 lots, the applicant would not require any divergence.”

The BZC then unanimously approved the rezoning resolution with three conditions, the minutes said:

• The number of lots will be reduced to a maximum 77 lots.

• To provide privacy and screening to the existing residents, a minimum 10-foot high feature consisting of mounding, fencing and evergreen trees will be built on the north and south sides of the entry road from Piatt Road, at the sight triangle through rear of each of the two homes. Mound height will be a minimum of 3 feet height.

• The development will meet all requirements for the R-3 zoning district.

Also on Jan. 10, the BZC requested a joint meeting with the trustees to go over the comprehensive land use plan.

The BZC consists of chairperson Jerry Valentine, vice chairperson Darcy Kaplan, and members Angela Brown, Keith Goshia, and Jenny Sloas. The alternates are Jasper DeChristopher (first) and Tara Shields (second). Also present at the meeting was Zoning Inspector Jake Bon and Zoning Secretary Cathy Rippel.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].