Much of Harlem Township is currently zoned as Agricultural Residential District, as shown in the lightly-shaded portions.

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Harlem Twp. holds zoning hearings

GALENA — The Harlem Township Zoning Commission has averaged more than three meetings per month so far in 2023.

The commission started meeting on Jan. 4. Mike Kabler was nominated to remain chair, and Joni Manson was named vice chair. Other commission members are Brittany Hoperich, Virginia Lewis and Tom Nied. Bruce Hamill is the alternate. Sherrie Steele was the zoning secretary in January. Jim Steelesmith, of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Board of Zoning Appeals, was also in attendance. The SPC consists of nine members, representing the residents and township officials.

The organizational meeting also limited preliminary meetings on Planned Districts to two hours; new guidelines for a Planned Residential Conservation District (PRCD); and the adoption of Robert’s Rules of Order for procedures.

During the regular meeting on Jan. 4, it was noted that Columbia Gas of Ohio sought to purchase two acres on South County Line Road just north of Evans Road. This would be to install a Point of Delivery Station for a natural gas pipeline to the Intel site in Licking County. There was already a natural gas pipeline and infrastructure on the property, it was said.

“Kabler stated the township is looking for guidance from the Prosecutor’s Office” on the matter, the meeting minutes said.

An update was given on the SPC, including its Quick Strategy Guide and its relation to Harlem’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Four new overlay districts and a second PRCD were being proposed for the commission and the trustees to approve.

Kabler said the trustees had approved updating the current zoning districts by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission.

The Zoning Commission’s first workshop of 2023 was held on Jan. 9. Among other actions, a hearing was scheduled on adding the Quick Strategy Guide as an appendix to the current comprehensive plan. The guide was developed for the township by Crossroads Community Planning, LLC. The Harlem Township Board of Trustees approved the guide on March 22.

Mike Cannon is Harlem Township’s director of zoning & development.

The Zoning Commission normally meets the first Mondays of the month at 7 p.m., and second Mondays at 7:30 p.m. for workshops, or 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays in the event of a holiday, in the Harlem Township Firehouse, 3883 S. State Route 605, Galena.

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