Pictured is the preliminary landscape plan for The Townhomes at Addison Farms in Delaware.

During Monday’s meeting, the Delaware City Council approved a preliminary subdivision plat and preliminary development plan for The Townhomes at Addison Farms to be constructed on approximately 17.5 acres of the overall 273-acre Addison Farms development.

Last September, the council approved an infrastructure and overall final development plan for Addison Farms. In April, the first two subareas — A and H —were granted final development plans. The townhomes are included in Subarea B of the site and would consist of 146 single-family lots located just north of the future Merrick Boulevard and west of the future Heritage Boulevard.

The units would be clustered into 25 buildings consisting of either four or six units in each building. According to city documents, the buildings would each be two stories, although Councilman Cory Hoffman said during the meeting that Addison Properties President Jason Friedman had indicated during discussions with the Planning Commission that he intends to make the buildings three stories.

Each unit would be a minimum of 1,200 square feet with an additional 200 square feet required per each additional bedroom, and a two-car garage would be included with every unit.

Primary access to the site would be from Merrick Boulevard, just west of the intersection of Heritage Boulevard. A secondary access point would exist on the northwestern boundary of the site and would connect to section three of the adjacent Addison Farms North subdivision. Asked by Mayor Carolyn Riggle about the secondary access point being contingent on the construction of the adjacent subdivision, interim Planning and Community Development Director Jordan Selmek said that while the timing of the various phases being constructed is still to be determined, the fire department would require some type of secondary access to the site until the permanent secondary access point is functioning.

Selmek added, “However, we believe that with the already-approved final plan and plat for section one of (subareas) A and H, I’d have to imagine the overall development of these three subareas would probably be in tandem.”

“Personally, I think this is a great (plan),” Hoffman said. “Overall, with the larger scope of the Addison project, as we start to see it fill out, we see a very wide array of different housing types that comport with our comprehensive plan. This sort of townhome type of construction, we’ve started to see some of it in part of the Terra Alta development, and I think this sort of housing is proving to be very popular and in demand in the times we’re seeing.”

The proposal for Subarea B will still need to return to the council for approval of a final subdivision plat and final development plan.

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