Pictured (left to right) and Nathan and Jacob Ogilbee.

Courtesy | William Wang

In 2017, Olentangy Liberty rising senior Nathan Ogilbee created the Chewy Channel with his little brother, Jacob Ogilbee, an Olentangy Liberty rising sophomore.

With over 250 videos under their belt, the brothers set out to improve on their first Youtube movie, “Too Many Nathans” (TMN 1), which was released last November. The plot of TMN 1 centered around a world where the only inhabitants are Nathans. In the movie, every character is only distinguishable by their different outfit. With TMN 1’s unique approach, the video garnered over 500 views and catapulted the channel into local stardom, with students and even teachers raving about the 20-minute movie. From this level of support, the brothers knew a sequel was inevitable.

Nathan explained, “Once TMN 1 was released, our friends, family, and even some teachers urged us to create a sequel.” Jacob added, “Because of TMN 1’s abrupt cliffhanger, it drove audience members begging for answers.”

After eight months of hard work and persistent begging from viewers, “Too Many Nathans 2: One Nathan Two Many” (TMN 2) was released. The two brothers envisioned a movie with a mix of Batman, comedy and drama. The brothers used fake blood, ripped clothing, and other props to create this environment. Additionally, the movie required expertise, patience, time management, and hundreds of hours from the two.

Nathan elaborated, “I started writing it in December, and that took a while. Writing was a long process. I had to check the script with a lot of my friends, so it took about a month of refining. Then filming started in January with indoor scenes as the primary focus. When the weather got bearable, we filmed outdoor scenes. The filming process started in January and ended in May. The editing process then took around two months, ending in July.”

“Editing started immediately after filming. It was 1-2 hours a day depending on how much footage,” Jacob added.

Because of these time commitments, creating the movie conflicted with school, track and field training, and other activities. However, with the help of Jack Thompson, Jim Larkin, Krishna Choppara, and Audrie Enriquez (production members), the channel managed to release the movie within the deadline. In addition to time struggles, struggles occurred during the movie premiere on July 14.

Nathan described, “The real question is what didn’t go wrong. Initially, the movie projector had technical issues, delaying the planned premiere time. Then, once the projector started working, the movie glitched around the 15-minute point, causing the movie to revert to the beginning. After a few suspenseful minutes, we fixed the glitch and finished the premiere without further issues.”

Despite these issues, the movie premiere went successful with audience members laughing and applause at the end. With TMN 2’s success in mind, the brothers hope to improve on TMN 3 (releasing next summer and the last of the TMN series). For instance, the brothers plan on using more money for props and filming equipment and hope to expand the production team.

If you are interested in “Too Many Nathans 2: One Nathan Too Many,” please visit their Youtube channel at TheRealChewyChannel.

William Wang is an Olentangy Liberty High School student and member of the Powell Youth Council, which is a 15-student-governed nonprofit organization recognized and partnered with the Powell government that Wang created in March of 2022. Powell Youth Council’s purpose is to give a voice and power to the youth of Powell in local decisions and projects, show how local leaders create projects and decisions, and motivate the youth to help their community.