On the topic of food trucks in city parks, which I understand would include Mingo Park, I’d like to point out that during soccer season, which is spring, summer and fall, all of the parking areas at Mingo are not only full, but overflowing. Cars are parked in the grass by the walking path as well as along the river.

Not only is there not room for additional vehicles. Even one food truck would take up valuable parking space. Besides that, what’s wrong with utilizing the concession stand that was built several years ago along with the new bathrooms?

I’ve been going to sporting events at Mingo for almost 40 years now, and since the concession stand was built, I can probably count on one hand the times that I’ve seen it open.

The Parks and Rec. director should be figuring out how to staff it to be able to open instead of spending his time on the food truck discussion. Quite frankly, the concession stand should have been open years ago instead of sitting idle.

Paul Hansberry