The following births were reported by Grady Memorial Hospital:

Sept. 16 — Joseph Roger Stewart, son of Allyssa and Adam Stewart of Cardington.

Sept. 17 — Hazel Hite, daughter of Christina and Timothy Hite of Delaware.

Sept. 17 — Fiona Rotte, daughter of Kelly and Brent Rotte of Delaware.

Sept. 17 — Benetitus White, son of Danielle Tomak and Benetitus White of Delaware.

Sept. 18 — Ridge McClung, son of Natalie and Derrick McClung of Marion.

Sept. 23 — Kendall Robert Wolfe, son of Kelly and Brad Wolfe of Delaware.

Sept. 24 —Jasmine Stout, daughter of Jennifer Richardson and Asa Stout of Delaware.

Birth announcements are printed with permission.