AT&T brings 15 upgrades to Delaware County

Staff report

AT&T has upgraded its wireless network within Delaware County with 15 enhancements. The upgrades took place in the first 6 months of 2016, a news release states.

The completed improvements include adding greater capacity and speeds to cell towers across the county. Across Ohio, we made more than 890 upgrades to our wireless network from January to June.

The local upgrades include 14 added layers of frequency known as “carriers.” It also expanded the band of radio frequencies used on a local tower. That means increased speeds for people using that tower in the area.

“AT&T’s number of network upgrades in the area continues to climb,” said Robert Lamb, Delaware County Economic Development Director. “Their continued investment in our community is a lasting change the people of Delaware will benefit from.”

“Our Ohio employees are focused on bringing a better mobile experience to Delaware County and across the state. Our investment in the local wireless network is one way we’re accomplishing that,” said Adam Grzybicki, president, AT&T Ohio.

AT&T invested nearly $1.5 billion in our Ohio wireless and wired networks during 2013-2015.

Staff report