WOW phone users have difficulty with 9-1-1 calls

Staff report

The Delaware County 9-1-1 Center has learned, late Thursday, that phone users of the Wide Open West (WOW) voice-over-Internet network are experiencing audio difficulties when dialing 9-1-1.

“We had a resident who was placing test calls and our dispatchers could not hear him, even though the call connected and we could see his information,” said Patrick Brandt, the County’s Emergency Communications Director.

The Delaware County 9-1-1 Center has been in touch with Wide Open West and a trouble ticket has been opened for the problem, which was confirmed with other test calls.

Brandt said the 9-1-1 Center will call back anyone who calls but cannot be heard on the other end, just as they would under any other circumstance. Return calls do connect, but Wide Open West users need to be aware that this is happening.

“Our residents should also know that they can also call from a cellular device without a problem, or use Wide Open West to call our non-emergency number at 740-368-1911,” Brandt said. “There is no problem with a WOW connection using a 10-digit number.”

Staff report