Resident opposes transportation plan

It is with great sadness that I send this letter concerning the tax for road projects. For the first time since moving to Delaware county in 1993, I feel alienated by the politics of this city.

When the mayor herself states “We (city council) did not pick the road projects, the people will”, she fails to tell the truth. The council has picked the road projects and bundled them together so the people may not vote for them individually on there own merits.

Instead, we have to swallow the bitter pill of destroying the home values of all the people residing in Chatham Glen to get the much more popular “Point ” project approved. Meanwhile, the city ignores the unsafe narrow stretch of route 37 in front of Chatham Glen that endangers its citizens with lack of pedestrian/bike ways and a left turn lane for Chatham Glen residents.

Will city counsel stop to ponder this after a child is struck and killed on that narrow stretch? Valley View extension will not correct this deficit. I for one, will vote against this waste, sell my house and move from this city.

— Mark Noecker