Delaware business receives clean air financing

Staff report

A Delaware County company that produces metal castings received approval for $180,000 in financing for clean air equipment by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) through the Clean Air Resource Center at the Authority’s November meeting.

Liberty Casting Company employs approximately 100 workers at its modern foundry located at 550 Liberty Road. The company specializes in gray, ductile and high alloy iron casting.

Liberty Casting will use the approved funds for installation of close capture fume hood assemblies for the company’s furnaces, a news release states.

This installation is an integral part of the collection operation of a baghouse at the business, according to Jessica Ulmer-West and Renee Olney, environmental and safety managers at Liberty Casting.

A baghouse is an air pollution control device that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation. The fume hood is a piece of equipment that can be added to Liberty Casting’s induction steel-shell furnaces, which are among the most efficient and lowest emitting furnaces in the industry.

The fume hoods will help reduce emissions and allow us to remain well below the current emission standards as well as potentially more stringent standards in the future. The hoods effectively and efficiently collect smoke, dust and other airborne emissions during all phases of the furnace’s operation and reduce the overall noise from the furnaces, which is already less than a traditional electric arc furnace. The units can also enhance worker safety by better containing the molten metal.

“The OAQDA financing will allow us to reduce emission, enhance worker safety and improve the air quality for our employees and the surrounding community,” Vira Maruli, chief financial officer for the company, said.

“The Liberty Casting Company project exemplifies the type of financing OAQDA and the State of Ohio offer to small businesses through OAQDA’s CARC program, which provides assistance to companies in meeting pollution requirements. CARC funds are available to finance the purchase of pollution control or prevention equipment. This project supports OAQDA’s mission to foster and preserve clean air in Ohio,” Chadwick Smith, OAQDA executive director, said.

Staff report