Local children write to Santa Claus

Staff report

Inside Today’s Delaware Gazette are letters to Santa from local second-grade students.

The history behind writing Santa letters is almost as mystical as Santa himself. After much research there really is little information as to how the tradition of writing Santa a letter started, but what was found was one single reference to a letter written from a little girl in the 1200s to the real St. Nicholas.

In the letter she wrote, “St. Nicholas patron of good children, I kneel for you to intercede. Hear my voice through the clouds And this night give me some toys. I want most of all a playhouse with some flowers and little birds.”

It seems that the tradition of writing to Santa to ask for gifts really didn’t take hold until the late 1800s, but has been a mainstay in children’s and their parents lives ever since, including those in central Ohio.

As the tradition goes on, little boys and girls continue to sit down with paper and pencil, or even crayon, and write to Santa telling him how well they have behaved throughout the year, detailing the good things they have done, and why they deserve to be bestowed with the gifts that they desire.

Enjoy the letters inside the paper today, and remember to prepare some milk and cookies for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.


Staff report