Sunbury Pointe gets street names


By Lenny C. Lepola - [email protected]

Sunbury Pointe Apartments, a 146-unit complex planned by Champion Real Estate Services for the 12.8-acre lot at the intersection of South Miller Drive and Fairland Avenue in Sunbury, might soon be under construction.

On the agenda during at a recent Village of Sunbury Planning & Zoning Commission meeting was a request to approve street names in the apartment complex, a requirement, along with individual apartment unit street addresses, for gaining an apartment complex building permit.

The new plan, as submitted, showed one access drive off Fairland Drive named Rainier Place and an access drive off of South Miller Drive named Denali Way. Neither access drive showed an apartment access; both dead-ended into Everest Drive. Everest Drive wraps around the site in a U-shape with on-street parking for garden units and off-street parking for town homes.

Another U-shaped drive wrapping around, and surrounded by, town homes at the west of the complex was named Olympus Loop.

Sunbury Consulting Engineer Wes Hall, of CT Consultants, recommended changing Olympus Loop to Olympus Circle.

“Circle is one of the permitted names in your code,” Hall said.

Everest Drive also posed a problem because it runs northeast on the east side of the complex, east and west on the south side, and due north on the west side.

Sunbury Mayor Tommy Hatfield said Everest Drive was confusing on paper, and would be even more confusing for visitors trying to find a specific address in the apartment complex.

“Everest Drive is definitely a problem,” Hatfield said. “There should be Everest East, Everest West, and Everest South.”

Without a Champion Real Estate representative in chambers for the session, commission member Dave Martin recommended that street name approval be tabled.

“It’s not going to change when they can start moving dirt,” Martin said. “We’re meeting again later this month.”

It was noted that Champion needed the street name approval to even move dirt, so Sunbury Village Administrator Allen Rothermel made a phone call to Champion Chief Investment Officer Dan Hunter and put Hunter on speakerphone for further discussion.

Hunter said changing Olympus Loop to Olympus Circle would not be a problem.

Hatfield said Everest Drive would be a separate problem.

“We’re open to any suggestions you have so we can get a permit,” Hunter said. “You fix it and we’ll adjust.”

Following the phone conference with Hunter, commission members made several street name changes before approval.

Olympus Loop became Olympus Circle. Denali Way was changed to Rushmore Place, and Everest Drive became Denali Way, and the east side of Everest became Rushmore Lane.

It has been a long process for Champion Real Estate to get from the project’s 2015 early planning stages to shovel-ready this spring. Champion received a preliminary plan approval in August of 2015, but because of cost concerns the plan went back to the drawing table and reappeared at zoning a year later in August of 2016.

A new plan had reduced the number of town homes by 50 percent, garden units increased by 50 percent, and the number of buildings reduced from 18 to 14 with site changes that feature 11.77 units per acre. Zoning, and subsequently Sunbury Village Council, approved the newer plan contingent on final engineering and legal review.

Members of the Village of Sunbury Planning & Zoning Commission meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 23, in third floor council chambers, Sunbury Town Hall.

For additional information about Sunbury zoning, village council, and village events log on to, or call the Village of Sunbury Administration Office at 740-965-2684.

By Lenny C. Lepola

[email protected]

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.