Parks board endorses rate adjustments for golf course

By Brandon Klein -

Delaware City Council will receive recommendations for the Hidden Valley golf course at one of its upcoming meetings.

The Delaware Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Tuesday endorsed the measures to adjusts prices and the time period for memberships of the city-owned par-28 course. Membership and punch card rates would remain the same for this year, while single and senior rates would be elevated by $0.50 to $9 and $8.50, respectively, for the first nine holes plus an additional $4.50 for a second round during the weekdays.

The proposal would create a junior student category, for those up to 12 years old, at $5 for the first round of nine holes on the weekdays. The student category would include ages 13 to 22 at $7 for a round compared with the current $8 fee.

Additionally, memberships would be active for the course from April 1 to Oct. 31. But members would get a bonus to play on the course outside of the time frame if its open for good weather.

The board requested city staff to identify the top 10 priority projects from a final draft of the bicycle plan.

In other business, the city’s Daddy-Daughter Dance was relatively successful at its new location on Ohio Wesleyan University’s campus, said Jeremy Byers, associate executive director of the Delaware Community Center YMCA.

“It was a little different,” he said.

The event had more than 400 attendants similar to last year, which was why the event was relocated from Sourcepoint.

“The change had to be made. We didn’t have a choice,” Byers said. “Which is a good problem to have.”

The YMCA looks to get feedback from party attendants, while preparing for the Mother-Son Superhero party coming up in the summer. That event usually draws out more than 500 people.

The board, which had the minimum of six members to have a meeting, re-elected Allyson Lash and Dianna Hibinger as chair and vice chair, respectively. Lash was among the three who were vacant due to illness or had prior commitments. The board has two vacancies after last week’s removal of Lucas Ratliff by Council for his conduct on social media.

By Brandon Klein

Gazette reporter Brandon Klein can be reached by email or on Twitter at @brandoneklein.

Gazette reporter Brandon Klein can be reached by email or on Twitter at @brandoneklein.