Cats up for adoption this summer in Delaware

By Anthony Conchel -

Dakota is up for adoption.

Dakota is up for adoption.

Spud is up for adoption.

Looking to adopt a cat? The Humane Society of Delaware County has quite a variety of felines looking for homes.

Jana Cassidy, interim executive director, welcomes residents to visit and look at the selection.

“We have around around 30 to 35 adult cats, but we have had as many as 50. Somewhat unique to our shelter is that adult cats live in three communal rooms and we have had a lot of success with that approach.

“Many shelters keep cats in separate cages or in small community pods that hold 6 to 8 cats. This approach gives the adopter the chance to see personalities, compare sizes, ages and find one that they feel a connection with,” Cassidy said.

June is adopt-a-cat month at the shelter. The need exists to adopt some of the older animals as pets.

“It is easier to adopt the young animals, kittens or puppies. Both have a very short stay at the shelter and are typically gone within a few days of being available for adoption,” Cassidy said.

The shelter adopts more adult dogs than adult cats. For example, in 2016 the HSDC adopted 325 adult cats and 385 adult dogs, 550 kittens and 221 puppies.

“For young kittens, June is a peak time for new litters being old enough to be adopted. As a result, the adult cats have a tendency to be overlooked when families are looking to add a new member to their family,” Cassidy said.

What types of cats are available?

“The shelter has a large variety of adult cats. None of a specifically identifiable breed, but we have calico, tiger, tuxedo, short or long hair, mitten paws (extra toe), black, white, orange, grey, ginger, short or long tails. We generally call a cat either a domestic, short hair domestic or domestic long hair,” she said.

Shannon Caskey, animal caretaker at the shelter, reminds residents of the importance of adopting a cat.

“June is Adopt-a-Cat Month and the Humane Society of Delaware County is celebrating by reducing the price of all adult cats, those aged one year and up, by half. All animals at HSDC are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped.”

“If you have been considering adding a new member to your family, why not let June be the month? The cats at HSDC come from all kinds of backgrounds, from strays to abandonment to their owners’ passing. But no matter their history, they are at the shelter by no fault of their own,” Caskey said.

You can call the shelter at 740-369-7387 for information on adopting an animal.

Dakota is up for adoption. is up for adoption.

Spud is up for adoption. is up for adoption.

By Anthony Conchel

Reach Conchel at 740-413-0900.

Reach Conchel at 740-413-0900.