Municipal court upgrades online record service

Staff Report

Delaware Municipal Court recently upgraded its online record lookup service to allow access to scanned digital images.

At this time, according to Clerk of Court Cindy Dinovo, all public users have access to the civil and small claims scanned docket files. The court will generate and disseminate logins to access the criminal and traffic records at their own discretion.

One of the biggest pushes for this service ties directly to the amount of time this will save the court’s end users, Dinovo noted. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors and local attorneys alike no longer will need to come to the clerk of court’s office for the sole purpose of attaining scanned docket entries.

The instant access to the applicable records has a dramatic effect on the overall workflow and efficiency of the offices who rely on the court and the services that it provides.

“The overall number of phone calls and face to face encounters at our public counter will decline as our end users become aware and comfortable with utilizing this new service,” Dinovo stated. “The savings in time will allow this office to progress the output of its work product by reallocating newly acquired personnel time to pressing areas.”

End users who meet the requirements to obtain a login to access the criminal and traffic records may inform the clerk of their intentions via email at

Staff Report