HPC to review Olivina Taproom gate

By Brandon Klein - bklein@aimmedianetwork.com

The owner of the Olivina Taproom, 44 S. Sandusky St., will seek approval from the Delaware Historic Preservation Commission to add a gate to the downtown structure at its Wednesday meeting.

Earlier this year, Scott Atway of Mada International Inc. unilaterally installed an iron gate within the building’s inset entrance, which consists of the taproom’s entrance and an alcove area for the entry door of a second-floor apartment.

The gate was placed across the alcove to prevent the area being abused as a restroom and trash receptacle by downtown’s intoxicated patrons from nearby bars.

Delaware city officials became aware of the gate in late April, according to a staff report. It said: “The gate was installed without prior approval of the HPC and without a commercial building permit. Care would need to be taken so that outward swing of the gate does not interfere with customers exiting or entering the storefront. In addition, the gate lock is a keyed lock on the exterior, which is acceptable; however, the gate lock is also a keyed locked on the interior. This configuration is not permissible per code in order to allow proper egress for the upstairs tenant.”

But vandalism of the alcove has decreased since the unauthorized gate was installed, the report noted.

Atway will propose a similar gate design that will be compliant with zoning and building code requirements. Gated features do not appear in the city’s architectural standards for the downtown area but the gate’s black iron material would comply.

Chris Schobert, the owner of Olivina Taproom, presented a similar proposal to the commission in February. Schobert’s proposal would have the gate located across the inset entrance, a feature the commission did not favor because it could set the wrong kind of precedent.

The commission recommended at the time that the owner to install a framed wall with a new entry door across the alcove for the second-floor apartment instead of a gate.

Replacing the West End Grill

The HPC will consider to approve plans for a new building at a vacant site, 14 W. William St., where the West End Grill was located. The former restaurant was demolished in 2015.

David DiStefano, the owner of 12 West LLC and the 14 W. William St. location, proposes a one-story building that would be about 1,392 square feet with a 442-square-foot patio set back about 17 feet from the property line.

HPC will meet at at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 1 S. Sandusky St.

By Brandon Klein


Gazette reporter Brandon Klein can be reached by email or on Twitter at @brandoneklein.

Gazette reporter Brandon Klein can be reached by email or on Twitter at @brandoneklein.