Delaware County Property Transfers

143 Arrowfeather Lane, Lewis Center; Schlosser, Teresa to Meng, Zhaoliang; $190,000.

6205 Westwick Place, Lewis Center; Mann, Gary D. Jr. to Jones, Daniel P. & Sharon A. Co-trustees; $450,000.

6152 Brandon Drive, Lewis Center; NRS Properties Limited LLC to NVR Inc.; $49,500.

38 Calm Street, Delaware; Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Mowry, Matt & Kate; $80,000.

2266 Meadowshire Road, Galena; Conger, Karen S. to Chrysler, Walter F. & Christine A.; $375,000.

6152 Brandon Drive, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Thiagarajah, Kumaratheepan & Kumaratheepan Gowthami; $257,710.

914 Executive Boulevard, Delaware; Owens, Kevin A. & Leslie K. to AH4R Properties LLC; $206,000.

106 Tar Heel Drive, Delaware; Walker, Lucas M. & April D. to Jones, Justin M. & Agoston, Emily M.; $265,000.

5923 Rocky Shore Drive, Lewis Center; Conrad, Timothy J. & Donna K. to Porfeli, Erik J. & Denise R.; $494,900.

633 Cliff View Drive, Galena; NVR Inc. to Hozdic, Stephen M. & Myra K.; $468,835.

2598 Carla Drive, Lewis Center; Doon, Stephen J. & Christine L. to Williams, Jeffrey B. & McComb, Melissa A.; $336,000.

8175 Snead Way, Westerville; Riccobono, Rebecca K. Successor Trustee to Vahalik, James & Kaye J.; $335,000.

3688 Horseshoe Road, Delaware; Weber, Danny L. & Barbara A. to Endsley, Michael D. & Melissa L.; $399,500.

2844 Bean-Oller Road, Delaware; Biziorek, Raymond K. & Dawn M. to Davis, Christopher A. & Damiani, Victoria A.; $485,000.

6085 Hemingway Place, Westerville; Shaw, Daniel K. Trustee to Green, Kirtley A. & Linda S.; $320,000.

81 Whistling Way Drive, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Sedlak, Paul S. & Sharri L.; $404,435.

2251 Koester Trace, Lewis Center; Silvestri Group LLC to Gerald, James Henry & Shirley Christina; $488,580.

387 Farmeadow Drive, Westerville; Wasylik, Michael J. & Debra A. to Damrath, John George III & Tammy Marie; $410,000.

310 Olentangy Meadows Drive, Lewis Center; Cotner, Adam C. to Solanki, Virendrasinh B.; $240,000.

1306 Scarlet Avenue, Lewis Center; Ryan, Gary T. to Shrestha, Kamal & Maya; $328,000.

409 Engelwood Court, Powell; Daugherty, Dennis T. & Brenda G. to Gray, Kenneth & Carroll A.; $510,000.

431 S. Miller Drive, Sunbury; Baker, Mary to Wilfong, Gary D. & Margo M.; $152,500.

5909 Bluestone Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Patel, Mitesh H. & Bhumi, Mitesh; $218,007.

113 Straton Drive, Delaware; Hickerson, Duane U. to AH4R Properties LLC; $192,150.

5905 Bluestone Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Campbell, Amy; $204,915.

5895 Bluestone Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Bulson, Richard Alan & Laura E.; $227,760.

84 Providence Lane, Delaware; Weis, Tina J. to Ash, Marcella K.; $191,000.

178 Simon Street, Delaware; Brenner, Megan D. to Woods, Therese L.; $136,000.

5166 Gypsum Way, Galena; Romanelli and Hughes Building Company to Nesbitt, Rory L.; $705,000.

6465 Riverside Drive, Powell; Finkes, Barbara L. to Baker Frey Properties LLC; $276,000.

1281 Winningham, Columbus Sharma, Nishant to Gray, Katherine A. & Robert F. Trustees; $227,500.

7628 Paradisio Drive, Galena; NVR Inc. to Pate, Mathew B. & Jill A.; $446,088.

715 Bay Drive, Westerville; Miller, Todd to Yancey, Kurt J. & Lee Anne K.; $330,000.

6058 Weathered Oak Court, Westerville; Keil, Ronald J. & Sharon to Wilkoff, Jonathan & Stella D.; $379,000.

5539 Loch More Court, Dublin; Gentry, Gayle to Urbancic, Molly; $450,000.

2581 Abbey Knoll Drive, Lewis Center; Snyder, W. James & Karen H. to Leslie, Robert; $305,900.

501 Green-Cook Road, Sunbury; Stout, James P. & Karen S. to Sword, Kenneth R. & Debbie A.; $200,000.

3734 Bluff Drive, Lewis Center; Meyer, Richard P. & Kristina L. to Komorebi LLC; $525,000.

4579 Marilyn Drive, Lewis Center; Decker, James L. & Erika L. to Trout, Eric & Harris, Jillian; $292,000.

5408 Shawbury Lane, Lewis Center; MI Homes of Central Ohio LLC to Gaddam, Ashok R. & Korandla, Mounika; $402,345.

5395 Shawbury Lane, Lewis Center; MI Homes of Central Ohio LLC to Shah, Kartik V. & Shruti K.; $413,082.

424 Eshlure Court, Delaware; Blouir, Mary K. to Ramunas, Robert A. & Kline, Kristen A.; $178,000.

10 W. North Street, Ostrander; Delaware County Bank and Trust Company to Invest in Homes LLC; $72,000.

10367 Braemar Drive, Powell; Shipman, Floyd F. & Marilyn M. to Fischer, Panpilas; $249,900.