5831 Elise Lane, Westerville; Romanelli and Hughes Building Company to Shelton, Kenneth & Lekesha; $688,275.

3896 Cardinal Court, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Lee, Matthew A.; $459,600.

6752 Wycliffe Place, Westerville; Taggart, William R. & Lori A. to Corbin, Melvin A. & Rachel M.; $285,000.

6201 Porter Central Road, Centerburg; Albanese, Nick & Mary Jane to Mertler, John & Heidi; $192,000.

369 Nesting Court, Galena; W.T.A.&D.L. to Speelman, Charles & Sophia; $390,000.

9263 Polaris Green Drive, Columbus; Lacey, Michael P. to Vyas, Nileshkumar & Sheetal; $216,000.

8874 Coldwater Drive, Powell; Bechtold, Shawn R. & Zinz, Marguerite E. to Nguyen, Thanh T.; $499,000.

8170 Flynn Lane, Dublin; Fisher, Kenneth W. & Rita M. Trustees to Gosiorowski, Amy L.; $530,500.

707 Wintergreen Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Hultin, Barbara Ann; $207,670.

711 Wintergreen Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Hoffman, Alisa M. & Robert L.; $238,965.

412 Lee Way, Lewis Center; NRS Properties Limited LLC to NVR Inc.; $49,500.

7805 Mariposa Drive, Galena; NVR Inc. to Baker, Clayton S.; $432,545.

4081 Mainsail Drive, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Farrow, Brandon L. & Catherine B.; $431,800.

412 Lee Way, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Natarajan, Sandhya Rani; $348,280.

717 Covered Bridge Drive, Delaware; Scholl, Jennifer M. & Dale L. II to Cooper, Nathan D. & Andrea M.; $340,000.

6428 Streamside Drive, Galena; Fischer Homes Columbus LP to Idubor, Austin & Mosunmola; $392,979.

257 Tinley Park Circle, Delaware; Raby, Gloria J. to Greiwe, John & Vickie; $349,000.

322 Olentangy Meadows Drive, Lewis Center; Centeno, Marco A. & Angela R. to Lucas, Lori C,; $272,000.

1924 Baltic Avenue, Lewis Center; Bixler, Stacie M. to Horvath, Tiffany A. & Sprankle, Michael C.; $275,000.

Wren Lane, Powell; Schmidt, Angelika T. to Puppel, Amy E. Trustee; $332,500.

493 Chardonnay Lane, Lewis Center; Lauria, Daniel & Melissa to Somerville, Mary Cay; $135,000.

3491 Morey Road, Ostrander; Carres, James M. & Bethany P. to McEvoy, Philip J. & Lisa B.; $350,000.

553 commons dr, powell, tolhurst gary a to: Moeslein kimberly c trustee, 250000.

10550 Wellington Boulevard, Powell; Supra Investments LLC to Warden, Tina M. & McCandlish, Chris; $629,900.

3921 Cardinal Court, Lewis Center; Old Harbor Estates LLC to NVR Inc.; $89,700.

250 Ensigns Lane, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc.; $61,800.

Price Road, Radnor; Thomas, Daniel E. to King, Matthew A. & Gina M.; $95000.

123 Deerfield Place, Delaware; Holmberg, Christopher W. to Core Developments 3 LLC; $41,000.

11345 Fancher Road, Westerville; Fishero, Ruth A. to Wells Fargo Bank; $100,000.

201 Shelbourne Forest Way, Delaware; Stone, Olivia Brooke to Rogers, Richard M. & Sophia W.; $113,000.

129 Brookehill Drive, Powell; Rittenour, David A. to Zedeker, James F. & Teresa A.; $285,000.

4320 Weybridge Court, Powell; Brown, Marilyn to Penn, Shawn M. & Elissa G.; $245,000,

8733 Davington Drive, Dublin; Bidwell Homes IK Plan to Susie, Jeffrey J. & Jacqueline K.; $422,500.

6777 Spring Run Drive, Westerville; Patton, Peter J. & Stacy L. to Ruse, April M. & McKee, Patrick J.; $317,000.

148 Lexington Boulevard, Delaware; Hixson, Cory Leigh to Menches, Anthony & Michelle; $135,000.

7511 Red Maple Place, Westerville; Burton, Betty L. & Dorgan, Millie Wayne & Burton, Robert Stanton to Dellinger, Thomas M.; $224,900.

Delaware County Property Transfers