Delaware police report:

• A theft report was taken at a home on Lake Street on Wednesday after it was reported that someone had stolen some prescription medications from a disabled 59-year-old woman. An investigation is ongoing.

• Police were summoned to a business on Sunbury Road on Wednesday evening to deal with a disorderly man. Ultimately, the man, a 19 year old, was charged with disorderly conduct and underage consumption.

Delaware County sheriff’s deputies report:

• Deputies responded to an address on Cheshire Road on Monday after a suspicious vehicle was reported. Deputies found an abandoned ATV at the location. Deputies report that they were unable to determine if a criminal offense occurred.

• A motorcyclist was injured in a crash Wednesday evening at the intersection of Sunbury Road and Bowtown Road. Deputies report the motorcyclist was struck in the rear by a Sunbury woman driving a 2007 Honda. Deputies report the man suffered non-life threatening injuries, but his motorcycle, a 2002 BMW, was disabled in the crash.

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