Report: Fairview Memorial Park valued at $18K per acre

By Glenn Battishill - [email protected]

The receiver of Fairview Memorial Park filed his fourth report in Delaware County Common Pleas Court on Sept. 5, noting that a valuation of the cemetery has been completed.

A.C. Strip, Esq., a Columbus-based attorney specializing in corporate insolvency, was appointed to care for Fairview Memorial Cemetery by Delaware County Common Pleas Judge David Gormley at a hearing on May 23.

Strip told the court that he retained the services of a qualified appraiser and a realtor to perform a study and valuation of the cemetery.

Strip said that the 8.3 acres in addition to the unused portion of the cemetery is valued at approximately $18,000 per acre.

“While the county auditor shows a valuation in excess of $500,000 for the entire track, the Receiver is of the belief that based on comparable sales and information provided by the two court appraisers, the true valuation in the event of a distress sale would be more likely to bring $200,000,” Strip reported.

Strip said he has reached out to a few places to “determine if there is a market for that acreage” and is attempting to sell the same amount.

Additionally, Strip said he is averaging a funeral or activity at the cemetery every three to four weeks and reported that a group of volunteers continues to mow the cemetery on a regular basis.

Strip also noted that there are two “totally junk” vehicles on the premises which he is attempting to trace in order to obtain titles and have them removed.

A hearing to determine the next step in the case has been set for Sept. 22.

The owners of the cemetery, Theodore and Arminda Martin, are currently facing engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and dozens of theft charges in Delaware County Common Pleas Court for allegedly selling cemetery plots and other items to Delaware County individuals, but never following through with delivery and instead spending the money at a casino in Pennsylvania.

The Martins remained in prison for a separate federal tax evasion charge as of Thursday. They are scheduled to stand trial in Delaware County Common Pleas Court on Oct. 10.

By Glenn Battishill

[email protected]

Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.

Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.