Are you up for No Impact week?

You never know what type of impact — or no impact — someone can make when they address their local governmental leaders.

During the most recent Delaware City Council session, a member of Sustainable Delaware Ohio issued a challenge that might be of interest to the community.

“Are you up for the challenge?” asked David Soliday. “Sustainable Delaware Ohio encourages Delaware City Council to explore new and better ways to live.

“The No Impact Experiment is a one-week carbon cleanse,” according to the Sustainable Delaware Ohio website. “It is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life. It’s not about giving up creature comforts, but an opportunity for you to test whether the modern ‘conveniences’ you take for granted are actually making you happier or just eating away at your time and money.”

According to Soliday, the No Impact Experiment was inspired by author and environmental activist Colin Beavan, who conducted a one-year experiment with no-impact living in New York City. Beavan’s website describes him as “the world’s best known spokespeople on environmental issues, consumerism and human quality of life.”

“The No Impact Experiment is an eight-day version of Colin and his family’s yearlong experiment,” Soliday said. “Each day of the program has its own theme and challenge that builds on the next so that by the end of the week you are virtually living no impact.”

Locally, the No Impact Experiment is planned for the first week of October, according to the Sustainable Delaware Ohio website.

The daily challenges are as follows:

• Sunday, Oct. 1: Consumption — Don’t buy anything new (except for food)

• Monday, Oct. 2: Trash — Don’t create any trash.

• Tuesday, Oct. 3: Transportation — Only transport yourself through environmentally friendly ways such as biking, walking, public transportation or carpooling.

• Wednesday, Oct. 4: Food — Only eat local food and cut down on your meat consumption.

• Thursday, Oct. 5: Electricity — Cut back on your electricity use or stop it all together.

• Friday, Oct. 6: Water — Cut back on your water use.

• Saturday, Oct. 7: Giving Back — Give back to your community.

• Sunday, Oct. 8: Eco-Sabbath — Unplug and reflect. You and the environment take a break.

“We believe it is not only possible, but is necessary to discover ways to live that are better for both people and the planet,” the website post about No Impact Week reads. “The No Impact Week is particularly powerful when communities of people take on this challenge together. The No Impact Week is an immersive, educational program that empowers participants to 1) experience how lower impact living can benefit the planet, the people, and the individual too, and 2) create a community that is engaged and excited about sustainability and involvement in the environmental movement.”

Participants who wish to accept the challenge can register at

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By Gary Budzak

[email protected]