County approves sale of Jag at sheriff’s auction

By D. Anthony Botkin - [email protected]

Delaware County Commissioners have approved the sale of a 2006 Jaguar XKR with less than 60,000 miles on the odometer.

Capt. Kevin Savage of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office sought the commissioners’ approval to send several vehicles to auction that the sheriff’s office declared obsolete, unfit, or not needed for public use.

“Most of them are drug seizures or seizures through the Drug Task Force,” Savage said. “The vehicles are due to be auctioned off now.”

Savage said the vehicles are a collection that has been gathered over several years. He told commissioners he didn’t have a fixed cash total, but the collection “should bring a pretty good dollar amount.”

“I saw the Jaguar in there,” said Commissioner Jeff Benton. “It’s only got 56,000 miles on it.”

Savage said the collection included 11 vehicles, including three Cadillacs and the Jaguar to mention a few.

The auction will be conducted online, according to the commissioners’ journal.

Tiffany Maag, deputy director of the Regional Sewer District, asked for the board’s approval for a transfer of funds and a transfer of appropriation for the regional sewer district.

Maag said the transfer was to move money from where the district receives revenue into the accounts where it pays the bills. She told commissioners the funds to be transferred were budgeted for 2017.

“The transfer of appropriation is for projects that we had originally planned on performing with a contractor,” she said. “That has since changed to deciding to perform those in-house. Basically, moving it from one account to the other to be able to perform that work in-house.”

Maag said the work included upgrades for the Alum Creek Pump Station and at the Olentangy Environmental Control Center.

Commissioners approved the transfer.

Steven Sikora, fiscal officer for Delaware County Job & Family Services, asked for the commissioners’ permission for a contract amendment between the board and Advantage Family Outreach and Foster Care.

“For much of 2017, we had multiple youths placed with Advantage, roughly average $3,100 per month, per youth,” he said. “In the last two months, they added an additional youth to the contract.”

Sikora said JFS was asking for an additional $7,000 to be added to the amendment.

“We don’t anticipate anymore for 2017, it’s possible, but we never know when children will come into our custody,” he stated.

Skoria also asked commissioners to approve a resolution that assigns authority to JFS Director David Dombrosky to act as the board’s designee in approving inter-county adjustments of allocated funds.

“This would give Director Dombrosky the opportunity to trade, receive, and give any unspent allocations, state or federal, to other counties in the State of Ohio,” he said. “Any funds being transferred are also subject to (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services) monitoring and approval. There are checks and balances in this if it was not allowable the state would let us know as well.”

Commissioners approved both requests from Sikora for the Delaware County Job & Family Services.

Karen Wadkins, Juvenile Court fiscal coordinator, approached commissioners seeking to purchase a new transport vehicle. She told commissioners that four of the vehicles are model years 2003 to 2006 with more than 128,000 miles.

“These are for transporting our youth from different facilities,” she said. “We’re certainly interested in having fleet vehicles for transport of just people, but because we have the necessity of the cage and we only have one newer vehicle that we purchased in 2017, all of the other four are unreliable at this point in time.”

Commissioners approved the purchase.

By D. Anthony Botkin

[email protected]

D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.

D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.