Delaware County Property Transfers

6333 S. Old 3C Highway, Westerville; Elliott, Karen Lindquist to Johnston, Roberta Lenore & Sears L.; $228,000.

4930 Augusta Drive, Westerville; Altomari, Amanda E. to Walker, Megan Jean & Jason Michael; $476,000.

346 Pinecrest Court, Delaware; Hamilton, Kyle R. & Erica B. to AH4R Properties LLC; $232,732.

759 Executive Boulevard, Delaware; Winebrener, Nancy A. to Woodrum, Melanie A. & Thompson, Christopher Lee; $196,000.

3633 Birkland Circle, Lewis Center; Mains, Stuart E. & Charlene F. to Reese, Nicole E.; $188,500.

569 Wintergreen Way, Lewis Center; Olentangy Crossing LLC to Pesce, Richard J. Jr.; $245,210.

Slocum Road, Ostrander; Bruner Land Company Inc. to Habib, Zakir; $79,000.

2976 Wyse Court, Lewis Center; Liu, Yangming & Kelsey to Wilkins, Andrea & Joseph; $296,800.

8192 Trail Lake Drive, Powell; Illig, Jon G. & Maria A. to Wang, Yong & Jiang, Ziying; $385,000.

320 Potomac Court, Westerville; Ingram, Dale A. & Diane C. to Swindaman, Robert J. III & Stephanie L.; $338,000.

10026 Beckford Court, Powell; Vincent, Richard A. & Karen S. to Simpson, Tracy L.; $340,000.

1054 Little Bear Drive, Lewis Center; Winstead Properties Limited & MC Premier Properties Limited to Harcard, Allison; $324,880.

1504 Kearney Way, Delaware; P&D Builders Limited to Oommen, Sheeja & Thomas; $159,000.

411 Grand Circuit Boulevard, Delaware; Kauf, Holly A. to Beckley, William L.; $205,000.

5492 Genoa Farms Boulevard, Westerville; Diroff, Brad S. to Livingston, Zachary R. & Jennifer K.; $256,425.

8340 Steitz Road, Powell; Crea, Stephen N. to Sprague, Donald W. & Bonni; $375,000.

3479 Manchester Drive, Powell; Robinson, Daniel G. & Judith A. to Fowler, Lucius M. Jr. & Eva E.; $365,000.

8781 Olenmead Drive, Lewis Center; Hanbaum, Matthew W. to Timler, Lana E.; $193,400.

290 Highmeadows Village Drive, Powell; Modak, Abhijit J. & Emily R. to Wesner, Michael H. & Susan C.; $282,900.

5187 medallion dr, westerville, howell bryan d & carole to: hawkins stephen brandt & nicole renee, 365000.

9083 Scenic View Circle, Columbus; Palmer, Thomas R. to Tian, Xuejiao & Chen, Tian; $230,000.

9984 S. Old State Road, Lewis Center; WC OSP2 Polaris LLC @4 to GVS Ohio Holdings II LLC @3; $5,619,898.

328 Clubhouse Drive, Delaware; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Lantz, Joshua A. & Jennifer; $493,190.