Seldom Seen Road to be resurfaced

By Glenn Battishill - [email protected]

Powell City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday authorizing a cooperative agreement with Delaware County to resurface Seldom Seen Road.

City Manager Steve Lutz said the agreement is very similar to an agreement that was enacted between the city and the county last year to resurface Rutherford Road.

“We found it was beneficial when the county and the city can coordinate road projects so we don’t have roads that halfway through, change their road conditions,” Lutz said.

Lutz added Seldom Seen Road will be milled and overlaid from the curve to Sawmill Parkway by the county. Seldom Seen Road will then be spot-repaired from Sawmill Parkway east to the railroad tracks because that section of road is in fairly good condition already. From the railroad crossing to the intersection of Liberty Road, Seldom Seen Road will be milled and overlaid.

Lutz said the city’s portion of the project will cost about $104,000 and added he was unsure what the county’s cost would be for its work from the curve to Sawmill Parkway. The money for this project had already been appropriated, the city reported.

Powell City Council voted unanimously to suspend the rules and adopt the ordinance.

Council also approved an ordinance appropriating $600 from the general fund to pay for an audit from the State of Ohio after the city was selected for a random audit.

Additionally, council tabled an ordinance approving a $30,000 contract with MurphyEpson, a Columbus PR firm, for communications on the Citizen Financial Task Force. The ordinance was introduced and tabled at the Feb. 20 meeting, and it will be discussed again at the city’s March 20 council meeting scheduled to be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Green, located at 47 Hall St.

By Glenn Battishill

[email protected]

Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.

Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.