Lewis Rd, Sunbury; Prairyerth LLC to Santos, Damian & Lisa, $87,900.

242 London Rd, Delaware; Habitat for Humanity of Delaware and Union Counties to Rizo, Rafael & Morales, Angelica N Dominguez, $160,000.

5151 Rosalind Blvd, Powell; French, Joseph A Anne M to Tomaszewski, Amy R & Cain Phillip W, $772,000.

8742 Sweetwater Ct, Powell; Chuang, Fu Ting Yueh O to Ntukidem, Nseobong I; $478,000.

2450 Coltsbridge Dr, Lewis Center; Alwardt, Sean P & Jennifer M to Triplett, Shawn Brian; $435,000.

9963 Juliana Cir, Powell; Thomas, Catherine K Successor Trustee to Price, Douglas A & Lynn A; $258,000.

447 London Rd, Delaware; Huntington National Bank to Bryan, Paul; $36,000.

6557 Henschen Cir, Westerville; Reed, Mary Lou & Larry E to Reinhard, Donald G & Constance W, $240,000.

401 Plunkett Rd, Delaware; Mooney, James W III & Laura J to Postell, Jennifer; $274,900.

13820 Center Village Rd, Galena; Stupski, Dorene K to Leasure, Jennifer A & Brewer, Brian; $469,900.

249 W Lincoln Ave, Delaware; Royal C Investors LLC to Niley, Todd N & Julia N; $279,000.

1217 Rivercrest Dr, Delaware; Beerman, Jo A to Weyandt, Erik; $83,000.

Warrensburg Rd, Delaware; Woods, Sandra P Trustee to Albers, Charles E & Alison C; $172,500.

7466 Paradisio Dr, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc; $95,000.

14800 Robins Rd, Johnstown; Garrabrant, Donald D to Kenimer, Timothy M; $110,000.

3852 Coral Creek Ct, Powell; Cozzolino, Edith to Tandon, Amit & Sarah Wymer; $299,900.

9303 Prestwick Green Dr, Columbus; Malone, John D II & Krista to Shukla, Prateek & Raj Keerthi; $257,000.

5232 Ruckmoor Dr, Westerville; Schwamburger, Heather W to Roy, John; $255,000.

3761 Birkland Cir, Lewis Center; Parker, Jeffrey B to Persad, Nerrisa; $213,750.

362 Brets Ln, Lewis Center; NVR Inc to Paluri, Sreenivasarao; $378,990.

198 Sycamore Ln, Delaware; Glenross North LLC to NVR Inc; $93,500.

9202 Prestwick Green Dr, Columbus; Broestl, Kent I & Erin E to Green Meadows of Ohio LLC; $266,000.

2402 Roe Dr, Lewis Center; Quesenberry, David A & Lorinda L to Lee, Choong Y; $440,000.

871 Blackmore Dr, Delaware; NVR Inc to Barrington, Joshua D; $438,580.

338 Ridgefield Dr, Delaware; Medrock LLC to NVR Inc; $47,300.

9121 Parkbury Ln, Lewis Center; Trout, Keri to Damron, Toby; $110,000.

3787 Woodbury Lndg, Powell; Epcon Bradford LLC to Bapes, Debra L; $539,040.

233 Euclid Ave, Delaware; Spain, Michael C to Niezgoda, Chad & Melinda; $268,000.

3828 Evelynton Ave, Lewis Center; Village at Bale Kenyon LLC to Jin, Lin; $206,875.

404 Charles Spring Dr, Powell; Young, Justin M to Romanoff, Ivan N; $236,500.

3680 Hyatts Rd, Powell; Alvarado, Neil & Ruthanne to Stockton, James Andrew & Anne; $476,000.

121 Fescue Rd, Sunbury; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Stelea, Rares D & Mihaila; $311,870.

762 Clymer St, Delaware; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Dillman, Robin Mogue & Beverly W; $316,791.

6530 Emerald Ash Dr, Powell; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Sharma, Devinder & Bhanot, Rupali; $365,860.

199 Night Bird Ln, Delaware; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Gillen, Chad A & Lesley Anne; $454,445.

179 Smokewood Ct, Powell; Singh, Gopika M & Mark Prochniak to Flannery, Colin & Marianne; $519,000.

7683 Tree Lake Blvd, Powell; Levicky, William J to Canavan, Brian & Megan; $330,000.

3985 Regatta Ct, Lewis Center; Old Harbor Estates LLC to NVR Inc; $89,700.

281 Mcnamara Loop, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc; $72,000.