4707 Woodhaven Dr, Galena; Lowe, Anthony to Birrell, Tamara Maxey & Fitzharris, Lisa Renee; $503,000.

1117 Sea Shell Dr, Westerville; Broullire, Paul A & Carrie L to Halm, Austin D & Lindsay A; $400,000.

152 Otis St, Sunbury; 74 W Park LLC to Sexton, Shannah; $220,000.

1375 Lovingston Way, Sunbury; Fischer Homes Columbus Lp to Hopkins, Timothy A & Linda M; $676,258.

6944 Kellogg Dr, Powell; Fate, Robert A Candice L to US Bank National Association; $310,000.

113 Flint Rock Dr, Delaware; Mannon, Julie L to Wilcox, Ryan J & Ashley L; $171,777.

14191 Centerburg Rd, Sunbury; Hart, Ronald E & Jennifer R Trustees to Cover, Robert W & Nanci J; $269,000.

8758 Dunsinane Dr, Dublin; Sprague, David J & Jane A to Leeuw, Michael & Mary Jane; $525,000.

154 Troy Rd, Delaware; Young, Douglas A to Lewis, John T; $132,884.

6508 Mount Royal Ave, Westerville; Wilson, Constance T Trustee to Wolfe, Tamera; $203,900.

6051 Chancel Gate Dr, Delaware; Regoli, Ron Patti to Jennings, Vincent W & Rebecca A; $518,000.

21 New Market Dr, Delaware; Nolting, Wayne L to Galloway, William E & Monica R; $155,000.

122 Somerset , Delaware; Crothers, Doris M to Azzola, Christopher A; $192,500.

7727 Tartan Fields Dr, Dublin; Weaver, Kimberly M Norman S to Crosier, Aaron & Johanna; $580,000.

102 E High St, Ashley; Gale, Larry M Penny Lee to Armstrong, Ronald E & Hon, Christopher Philip; $33,000.

102 E High St, Ashley; Armstrong, Ronald E & Hon, Christopher Philip to Hon, Christopher Philip; $15,000.

424 Hawking Dr, Galena; Homewood Building Company LLC to Glade, Katie B & Logan D; $429,330.

266 Hearthstone Dr, Delaware; Hendricks, Edwin R to Spurgeon, Aaron M & Carolyn L; $179,000.

9840 Archer Ln, Dublin; Bajoria, Nirmal Tulshyan Sheetal to Wang, Cindy X & Lu Chao; $514,000.

3470 Gallant Rd, Radnor; Davenport, Marne E to Gniadek, Robert Jr & Michelle Corine; $376,000.

5427 State Route 37, Delaware; Boatman Inc to Savko Bros Properties 37 LLC; $610,000.

57 Joy Ave, Delaware; Leadbetter, Jeffrey L to Briskey, Richard; $95,000.