6569 Via Florenza Dr, Galena; Romanelli and Hughes Building Company to Brader, Marita Iannarino & Jeffrey L Trustees; $98,500.

1954 Shale Run Dr, Delaware; Nelson Farms Associates LLC to Fischer Homes Columbus II LLC; $106,250.

6201 Miller-paul Rd, Westerville; Hall, Vera & Garrabrant, Ivan Successor Co Trustees to Brown, Haley M; $608,913.

8614 Olenbrook Dr, Lewis Center; Schwieterman, Ryan & Brooke to Proulx, Marisa; $241,000.

435 Melick Dr, Delaware; Glenross North LLC to NVR Inc; $93,500.

4839 Lynn Dr, Galena; Moore, Marlon R & Keesha to Metropoulos, Matthew J & Cody B; $415,000.

439 Melick Dr, Delaware; Glenross North LLC to NVR Inc; $82,475.

4232 Sighthill Ave, Powell; Markwell, Kimberly A to Simyak, David L Jr & Janice L; $255,000.

7417 Talavera Ct, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc; $95,000.

6690 Inverness St, Westerville; Krueger, Jennifer J & Ronald B to Kupko, Janine & Jeffrey John; $319,900.

105 Ellicot Rd, Delaware; Medrock LLC to NVR Inc; $45,300.

3763 Foresta Grand Dr, Powell; Johnson, Kathryn A to Diaz, Arlene S; $350,000.

302 Ridgefield Dr, Delaware; NVR Inc to Foster, Eric Charles; $282,010.

6774 Highbridge Pl, Westerville; Wolfe, Thomas A & Eva M to Frank, Lauren Elise & Kyle Edward; $284,000.

301 Ridgefield Dr, Delaware; NVR Inc to Miller, David & Katherine; $297,105.

7665 Serenity Dr, Dublin; Barnum, Craig L Jr & Deanna to Crakes, Patrick Joseph Jr & Michelle Leib Trustees; $1,087,500.

253 W Heffner St, Delaware; Darst, Edna Eileen to Michael Investments LLC; $90,000.

9193 Tahoma St, Columbus; Walton, Holly & Roe, Kenneth William to Stock, Robert J; $253,000.

5119 Harvest Loop, Delaware; Epcon Section Line LLC to Balmat, William J & Deborah D; $462,925.

360 Ben Curtis Dr, Ostrander; Westport Homes Inc to Miles, Steven G & Chelsie L; $352,014.

229 Glemsbury Dr, Delaware; Westport Homes Inc to Sisler, Leah M & Andrew R; $309,420.

3403 Pine Way, Powell; Ambadipudi, Srinivasa P to Pickens, Joseph C & Cortney L; $375,000.

248 Elmendorf Pl, Powell; Walker, Gary L Deborah L to Kim, Abraham; $315,000.

4361 Stover Rd, Ostrander; Carsey, Michael A to Starfall LLC; $110,300.

17 Weltergon Dr, Delaware; Gay, Nathan & Kandace to Nguyen, Tam & Truong Loan; $225,500.